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When Expanding Your Product Base: Keep it Simple

From the investment manager’s perspective, multiple service models within the SMA channel often require separate systems and processes. This increases operational complexity and erodes the benefit of higher revenues.

Succeeding in the New Investment Operations Dynamic: 5 Questions to Ask Your Service Provider

For investment management firms evaluating new providers – or outsourcing for the first time – knowing what questions to ask can help ensure that you find the right partner.

When is a “Robot” not robot?

Financial services have long benefited from computer automation, but with many different programs and applications applied in the execution and recording of a single transaction, there remains an army of personnel involved in performing tasks akin to reviewing and shuttling information between them.


Empower Success by Leveraging Expertise

With our goal of empowering success through innovative solutions, Archer has been found to help firms seeking to grow through acquisition by providing the right technology solution as well as outsourcing services customized to fit unique needs.

Data as Food for Thought

The ability to connect to a wide array of service providers, sharing data both to and from them, brings a virtual business ecosystem to life.

The Right Partners Enable Your Growth

How the right operations solution can enable growth through acquisitions


As seen in Ignites: Tips for Middle-Office Managers Navigating Big Data

Investment management professionals are faced with data that didn’t exist a decade ago. The data contains information critical to managers’ business — information about individual securities, trades, company mandates and client communication. This information plays a role in functions ranging from billing to reporting and client acquisition to financial reconciliation. However, in trying to manage data, many firms find themselves perennially playing catch-up.

As seen in FUNDfire: DOL Rule Adds to Downward Pressure on SMA Manager Fees

Archer's Matt Caulfield adds to the industry conversation about the potential impact from the DOL rule. "SMAs could benefit from advisors shifting assets out of commission accounts into fee-based advisory programs. And some institutional or mutual-fund focused shops are responding by developing or considering developing retail SMA or model-delivered versions of their strategies, Caulfield says."

Is Reporting Inertia Holding You Back?

When it comes to reporting, what was good enough even a few years ago won’t pass muster today. The problem is that many investment management firms improve their reporting processes piece-by-piece, only changing what they have to when they have to.