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Improving Investment Management Operations: Reconciliation

Several factors contribute to the industry’s angst surrounding investment management reconciliation, not the least of which is the differing purposes of the books-of-record to which investment managers attempt to reconcile.

Finding Solutions While Waiting for Godot

The quest for an SMA model communications hub has been ongoing for many years. The concept being an apparently simple and sound one – if the sponsors using managers’ models agree to a single format for the information, model delivery would be simplified. Gaining acceptance and agreement has proven to be the stumbling block.

IBOR Options: Finding the Right Path

As investment management firms have achieved growth by expanding product lines -- including global securities, mutual fund shadow accounts, institutional separate accounts, private wealth and retail accounts, among others -- support infrastructures have become extremely complex and expensive.


The Euro, Operations, and Currency Changes

Back in 2012, there was real concern that Greece might leave the euro. Sound familiar? Given the current climate in Eurozone countries, I thought it would be worth revisiting a blog post that looked at the potential operational impact to investment managers who deal with foreign exchange.

Gaining Perspective on IBOR Solutions

As a concept IBOR – Investment Book of Record – has been around for some time, but has recently gained wider acceptance in the investment management industry. Investment managers seeking IBOR solutions have indicated some concerns that should be addressed, including:

Unconstrained Growth: Create Revenue Growth by Leveraging Expertise

We’re all chasing growth. We do it for our clients, for our employees, for our boards of directors. We do it for our families and – if we’re honest about it – we do it for ourselves. Bigger is better, and getting there is a thrill that most executives simply cannot resist. At least, I can’t.


Focus: A Development Perspective

Do you remember a day when you weren’t asked a question? I don’t, and I hope the same is true for you. Questions spark innovation. When a colleague and I conceived the Archer platform over fifteen years ago, we started with a question about investment management efficiency.

Not all IBORS are Created Equal

One of the biggest challenges facing institutional managers today is merging the front and back office into one investment-centric machine, capable of providing real-time investment information across the entire trade and investment account lifecycle.

Scalability of the Investment Management Middle Office

In a Financial Times article from 2011, writer Paul Taylor helped define the term “middle office.” As word about the middle office spread, consultants like PwC chimed in on the conversation and offered their view of middle office scalability in times of profit pressure.