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Not all IBORS are Created Equal

One of the biggest challenges facing institutional managers today is merging the front and back office into one investment-centric machine, capable of providing real-time investment information across the entire trade and investment account lifecycle.

Scalability of the Investment Management Middle Office

In a Financial Times article from 2011, writer Paul Taylor helped define the term “middle office.” As word about the middle office spread, consultants like PwC chimed in on the conversation and offered their view of middle office scalability in times of profit pressure.

White Glove: Leveraging high-tech support to deliver high-touch service

Investors of high net worth expect and deserve white-glove service. They are financially literate, entrepreneurial and exacting. They are highly protective of their privacy and of their reputations. They demand much of themselves and even more of those with whom they associate. This is also true of investment managers and service providers who work in partnership to serve these investors.


Reporting: Following Through in the Details

As you may know, we at Archer recently went through a rebranding. (see: "Market Street Advisors Rebrands as Archer"; a fervent nod to the folks at FVM for their great work!) A lesson learned in the process is that part of ensuring a successful brand is to maximize its use, consistently.

IBOR and Core Competencies: A Historic Perspective

Thinking back to the 70s and 80s might have you reminiscing about the release of Star Wars, the death of disco, or the establishment of the brand new Cable News Network, CNN. Those who are veteran to the investment management industry may also be reminded of how third-party fund accountants and transfer agents sprang up to meet the needs that arose from the mutual fund boom experienced at the time.