Corporate Actions Processing

Settle Volume or Complexity or Both

Rest assured that your corporate actions are processed efficiently and expertly

Archer relieves investment managers of the administrative burden of tracking, recording, and executing corporate action votes, shares and cash through a combination of automated tasks and proficient operations support. Archer’s Operations team is expert at handling all corporate actions, regardless of volume or complexity.

Using the FIS corporate action technology, the Archer Operations team anticipates actions, identifies accounts, records voluntary action votes, notifies custodians of the votes, and then reconciles the cash and shares in client accounts.

Key features of Archer’s Corporate Actions Services include:

  • Automated data sourcing, cleaning and validation
  • Notification to decision makers and position holders
  • Automated capture and collation of elections
  • Extensive corporate actions workflow management
  • Reduced operational risk, reputational risk and financial exposure
  • Maximized operational efficiencies

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