Trade with Confidence

Expert reconciliation provides a strong foundation for investing

Investment Managers know that reconciliation can be expensive and highly complex. Accurate positions detail is essential to managing accounts with confidence, and timely reconciliation means that accounts are ready to trade when you are. Archer supports this mission-critical activity with expert reconciliation services that help contain operational costs and ensure the accuracy of records.

The combination of Archer’s platform with the expertise of Archer’s Operations team helps speed the process of reconciling IBOR holdings to custodian records. By incorporating knowledge of custodial processing standards and abilities, Archer anticipates and rejects breaks –such as trade date holdings compared to settlement date holdings –significantly reducing the need for manual reconciliation.

And when breaks are identified, our Operations team uses Archer tools, pricing services, and securities data services to quickly determine the right course of action.

The capability of the Archer platform to find and adjust for false breaks allows us to focus on the brainwork of researching and resolving real discrepancies. Extensive experience across virtually every custodian in the industry results in an efficient process that allows managers to trade with confidence.


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