Solutions for Private Wealth

Keep Clients Close

Be free to focus on delivering results

In Private Wealth, building and maintaining client relationships is paramount. To drive success, investment managers need to spend their time on clients, not investment operations.

Archer’s solution for Private Wealth is designed to enhance the client experience. By shouldering the weight of operations outside your core competencies, Archer allows you to reallocate vital resources to client service. You’ll be able to keep clients close with easy, on-the-fly reporting; meet exacting demands such as trading restrictions with efficiency; and promote your firm with custom-branded reports.

At-a-glance solution features

  • Accurately price, trade and settle a broad range of global securities.
  • Reach investment objectives with tactics like security swapping and tax selling/wash sale.
  • Quickly rebalance portfolios after withdrawal and deposit requests.
  • Calculate billing amounts with individual profiles at the security type, asset class, or individual security.
  • Meet exacting demands like trading restrictions and specialty security preferences.
  • Maintain specialized contacts for reports and bills such as attorney, accountant, and beneficial owner.
  • Personalize reporting, including performance comparisons to indices, performance over time, and household level aggregate reporting

An Archer Story

More time for clients, less taxing on resources

The Challenge

An investment manager serving institutions and high-net-worth individuals was bound by a corporate legacy of high-touch operating procedures, built to match their high touch client relationship strategy. The model had become unsustainable, taxing client-facing resources.

Archer’s Solution

Archer fully automated the manager’s composites, billing and reconciliation functions, and provided high-end branding of the firm’s client report packages. This solution dramatically improved the manager’s operational efficiency and allowed resources to be re-directed to client relationship building.


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