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Solutions for Retail Accounts

More accounts, less effort

Scale business, streamline operations, and maximize efficiency

Sheer volume poses many challenges for retail operations. Investment managers get tied up processing new accounts and client withdrawals, when they could be focusing their time and expertise on delivering performance for clients.

Archer’s solution for retail enables you to focus on your core business by maximizing efficiencies through a broad range of services. With Archer, you can manage and predict operational costs; scale business with a measurable profit model; and apply investment ideas across a multitude of accounts with a few clicks.

Retail Focus

At the core of Archer’s processing capabilities is its flexibility in applying one-to-many or many-to-one logic. This drives order allocation and routing, reconciliation, performance aggregation, billing and account maintenance functions.

An Archer Story

Facilitating Growth by Aquisition

The Challenge

A mid-tier investment manager acquired four firms in three distribution channels, which managed international portfolios; had multi-sleeve relationships; and operated on independent IBOR, trading, reporting and billing systems. The complexity of managing the business across multiple platforms had increased with each acquisition until the rate of cost growth threatened to exceed the rate of asset growth. What’s more, the lack of transparency into the corporate-wide portfolio made GIPS compliance and SEC reporting a burden.

Archer's Solution

Archer offered the only multi-channel solution on the market. The firm instituted Archer’s single-platform cloud technology with data sharing and third party communication capabilities across all investment business functions, and selectively engaged operations support for non-core functions. The divorce of fixed-cost acceleration from asset growth created a business model capable of efficiently leveraging opportunities for expansion. Archer’s multi-channel solution integrated smoothly with existing systems on the institutional side of the business, and the new operational support was leveraged to improve business efficiency, accuracy, transparency and compliance across the board.


Available Outsourced Services

Trade Services

Ensure trade execution and account data integrity

Accounts Processing

Effortlessly keep pace in high-volume environments


Fast and accurate IBOR and custodian records

Corporate Actions Processing

Track, record, and execute votes, shares, and cash

Solutions for Investment Managers


Free yourself to focus on complex investment portfolios.

Private Wealth

Build better client relationships by offloading operations tasks.


Manage firm-wide activity at a glance with powerful reporting.

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