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Benoit and McCartan Join Archer

Christina Benoit and Francis McCartan have joined Archer as Vice Presidents, Business Development.


Archer® Enables Distribution Expansion for CastleArk

“We see strong retail growth ahead, and are pleased that Archer was able to launch our initial offering so quickly."


Nick Corsanico Joins Archer’s Business Development Team

Nick's experience in the industry and familiarity with investment management operations position him to succeed in helping investment firms to identify and eliminate barriers to growth.


As seen in FUNDfire: T. Rowe Jumps Into Retail SMA Business

To simplify entry into the SMA space, T. Rowe partnered with Archer for technology and operational support.

When Expanding Your Product Base: Keep it Simple

From the investment manager’s perspective, multiple service models within the SMA channel often require separate systems and processes. This increases operational complexity and erodes the benefit of higher revenues.

As seen in FUNDfire: DOL Rule Adds to Downward Pressure on SMA Manager Fees

Archer's Matt Caulfield adds to the industry conversation about the potential impact from the DOL rule. "SMAs could benefit from advisors shifting assets out of commission accounts into fee-based advisory programs. And some institutional or mutual-fund focused shops are responding by developing or considering developing retail SMA or model-delivered versions of their strategies, Caulfield says."


The Cost of Safety

As the SEC continues its focus on cybersecurity, investment managers and broker-dealers are under intense pressure to be cyber-compliant. Not only must investment managers focus on protecting themselves and their customers from cyber attacks, they must now follow the SEC guidance to prevent fines and penalties resulting from a security breach.

Not all IBORS are Created Equal

One of the biggest challenges facing institutional managers today is merging the front and back office into one investment-centric machine, capable of providing real-time investment information across the entire trade and investment account lifecycle.