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Becoming a Big Fan of Small

Years of helping asset managers to succeed has made me a big fan of small. Small steps are an effective means to lasting change. A narrow focus spotlights a manager’s strengths. A community approach to client interactions leads to long-term investor loyalty. Small has a big impact.

As seen in Family Wealth Report: Evolving Client Reporting In An Information Age

When provided with simpler access to robust data and tools to render information in multiple formats, managers are empowered to provide information relevant to their clients in new and traditional ways.

Leaving printed reports behind: new tools for sharing information and gaining insight

Just because reporting has been around for a long time doesn’t mean it isn’t still evolving. With new ways of accessing information, illustrating it through interactive graphs, and effortlessly delivering reports as virtual documents, managers can turn information into insights for themselves and their clients.


Archer Offers Data Mart Accessibility to Asset Managers

API-ready data access improves flexibility and reduces the need for costly data warehouse


Account Review Center Debuts in Latest Archer® Technology Release

The transparency afforded by the Account Review Center, along with Archer’s business intelligence dashboards, give investment firms ready access to their data. This is another example of how Archer’s innovation helps managers support business growth initiatives, enhance their communications with clients, and facilitate oversight of all aspects of their operation.

Is Reporting Inertia Holding You Back?

When it comes to reporting, what was good enough even a few years ago won’t pass muster today. The problem is that many investment management firms improve their reporting processes piece-by-piece, only changing what they have to when they have to.


Touchpoints: Facilitating Positive Client Experiences

As we look ahead into the tech-enabled future, it becomes apparent that the ways in which customers interact with us – our touchpoints – will continue to expand, creating an opportunity for businesses of all kinds to find new ways to define and preserve a positive customer experience model.

White Glove: Leveraging high-tech support to deliver high-touch service

Investors of high net worth expect and deserve white-glove service. They are financially literate, entrepreneurial and exacting. They are highly protective of their privacy and of their reputations. They demand much of themselves and even more of those with whom they associate. This is also true of investment managers and service providers who work in partnership to serve these investors.

Reporting: Following Through in the Details

As you may know, we at Archer recently went through a rebranding. (see: "Market Street Advisors Rebrands as Archer"; a fervent nod to the folks at FVM for their great work!) A lesson learned in the process is that part of ensuring a successful brand is to maximize its use, consistently.