Smart Billing

Fully integrated and flexible

All investment management firms are different, and all client relationships unique. Retail firms are faced with tracking a dizzying volume of anticipated account fees every quarter, where institutional and private wealth firms need fully branded and flexible invoicing options. Regardless of your channel, a cost-effective billing solution with extensive flexibility and customization at all levels is a must.

Archer’s billing is fully integrated so it “knows” your clients’ households and assets without requiring a separate feed of data. Each account can have a unique blend of billing profiles matched to asset classes, security types, and even individual securities. Profiles can also be set to exclude these asset levels entirely from the billing calculation. These rulesets may be used to efficiently generate bills and invoices, or as an audit tool when third parties calculate and collect fees on your behalf.

Through the use of households and billing account groups, related accounts can use their collective assets to determine breakpoints for individual accounts within the group.

  • basis point or fixed fee billing;
  • exceptions for assets classes or individual securities;
  • billing in advance or in arrears;
  • frequencies from monthly to annually; and
  • Excel-based reports for easy uploads to custodians, sponsors, or third-party applications

Available custom invoices support your brand identity and administrative efficiency with options that include:

  • integration with account contacts’ addresses;
  • selection for summary or detailed invoice; and
  • selection for remittance or information only copies

 Best of all, Archer’s billing functionality saves administrative time and resources, allowing investment management teams to focus on the business of investing.


The Archer Platform