Well Connected

Investment technology designed for you

Investment Management firms need a technology solution that fits their firm’s practices and preferences. Archer allows firms unmatched flexibility for connecting with data-in/data-out processes. Investment managers are strengthened by the synergy between Archer and external data providers and systems.

Investment management functions can be performed completely within the Archer platform, or partially completed in other systems. Institutional teams may use specialized trading platforms. Private Wealth teams can use intricate reporting packages. Both can integrate with Archer for workflow management and up- or down-stream processing. This helps to minimize the ‘new technology’ business interruption so often experienced.

You can use Archer data with confidence to populate your favored reporting, trading, research, and compliance software tools. These interfaces are direct connections between Archer and others’ systems, using fully secure file transfer protocols. And, Archer’s vast data warehouse adheres to stringent collection and quality control procedures.


The Archer Platform