Model Maintenance, Trading & Delivery

Simple and Precise

Create, change, monitor and trade portfolio models on a single platform

Archer’s Model Workstation provides Investment Managers with a powerful tool to create, monitor, change, and communicate investment models. Our built-in model capabilities leverage securities data and pricing resident in Archer to allow for static or relative portfolio modeling. And no outside modules or third-party integrations are required. 

Archer’s Model Workstation offers:

  • Immediate communication of model changes to trade implementation teams
  • Precise tracking of model allocations based on global securities prices and corporate actions.
  • Opportunity to view and output full audit trails of model changes.
  • Ability to publish models and model changes to external systems and/or sponsors who may be responsible for implementing model changes

Model changes are easily input, and generate automated notifications with detailed instructions to implementation teams which can mobilize to execute orders in the accounts of clients who follow the model.


The Archer Platform