Multi-discipline Accounts

Efficient and Exact

Trade, manage, reconcile, and report multi-sleeve accounts with ease and efficiency.

The ability to efficiently manage multi-sleeve accounts has long been sought after as they can provide benefits to both an investment manager and its investors. The structure of many investment accounts to one custodian account provides efficient diversification while allowing for trading and performance measurement by style.

Archer gracefully accommodates multiple sleeves by linking individual accounts into a single multi-discipline account, or MDA. By assigning MDA models with target weights for the underlying sleeves, investing, rebalancing, accounting and drift tracking are easily accomplished, ultimately reconciling to a single custodian account.

For investment management firms with multi-discipline accounts that span portfolio management and implementation teams, Archer’s MDA functionality is an efficient and practical trading solution. Performance is measured at the individual sleeve level helping to track and report results by style, and because each sleeve maintains its own cash balance as stipulated in GIPS standards, they can also be included in composite performance.

Regardless of your firm’s size and complexity, rebalancing multi-sleeve accounts is a difficult and complex challenge. Through MDA trade and asset allocation functionality, Archer can help investment managers with improved efficiency and accuracy of multi-sleeve management and performance reporting.


The Archer Platform