Performance Measurement

Precision from the Bottom-Up

Multi-level performance reporting within your IBOR solution

Your clients demand accuracy. Being able to calculate and report performance is one of the most critical client-facing functions of Investment Management firms. Archer gets the details right with unparalleled performance measurement and reporting tools.

Archer uses daily valuations that include accrued income to calculate performance. This results in a true time-weighted return that supports GIPS® performance reporting requirements – all flows are reflected in your performance effective on the day that they occur. Composite performance is fully supported through automated composite membership with member tracking. Integrated workflow helps ensure that accounts are excluded from composites when appropriate, and added back automatically.

Archer provides many options for performance reporting to support managers’ varied needs. Reports are at the ready to help find outliers, report composite performance, or obtain client-ready performance summaries. With available custom reporting, managers can create reports that present their brand as well as their results.

Archer gets the details right. For Retail managers, that means Archer can calculate and accurately report performance for multitudes of accounts on-the-fly, incorporating even the most recent investment management decision. While Private Wealth and Institutional Managers can rely on the precision of our performance calculations and share them with available fully customizable performance reports.


The Archer Platform