Compare with Speed and Ease

Reduce operating costs and the risk of expensive trade errors

Archer’s proprietary AutoPost system automatically reconciles account transactions, balances, and positions with custodian records. We dramatically reduce operating costs by automating what is often the most time-intensive task for investment management operations teams. And by ensuring that all accounts are fully reconciled before the trading day begins, the risk of trade errors is greatly diminished.

The breadth of securities held across a multitude of custodians – all with different data formats, reporting standards, and communication protocols, makes reconciliation difficult at best. Managers must have confidence that cash and share balances are correct before trading in any account.

Within Archer, deviations are quickly identified and easily resolved. Archer’s flexible reporting and analysis tools are ready to aid users in researching, communicating, and solving more complex reconciliation issues. And because Archer’s reconciliation actions are updated in real time, managers inherently see the latest, most accurate positions available.


The Archer Platform