Information When and Where You Need It

Reports on the page, and in your hand, at the click of a button

Archer knows that reporting is the foundation of sharing information. By making useful reports available at your fingertips, Archer helps you speed through the tasks of extracting information for viewing, sharing or analyzing data.

By design, virtually all pages that present information on screen provide a convenient button to produce a report in PDF, Excel, or both. And by grouping common report subjects by use, Archer makes it easy to find what you need.

  • Standard client reports present performance, holdings, and transactions in sharable PDF formats.
  • Management reports provide firm-wide insights for tracking trends, reviewing composite performance and compliance.

Archer also features a Download Center report hub that has hundreds of reports which output onscreen or to Excel, and tools to create regulatory reports in xml format. With a shareable “My Reports” feature, nearly all of the reports can be customized to show only the data you choose, saved to your personal report library, and shared with your colleagues.

With available custom client reports, you can produce report packages that reinforce your brand. Branded custom reports can be generated on the fly before a meeting, or across groups of accounts and delivered to your inbox for use as periodic statements.

Detailed, formatted, and available just about everywhere, Archer’s reporting puts the power of data at your fingertips.


The Archer Platform