Workflow Management

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One platform for complete integration across all functions

Far too many Investment Management firms have become accustomed to working within compilations of discreet systems. Separate engines for portfolio accounting, reporting, operations and order management are cobbled together within siloes that lack firm-wide visibility.

Archer’s platform is fully integrated with transparency across all functions – and all channels – so that you can easily organize and prioritize client paperwork and operational tasks to activate new accounts, rebalance portfolios, and meet client requests.

Users are quick-to-proficient with the Archer platform due to our intuitive workflow and stepwise approach to investment management tasks. Archer’s navigation is workflow-conscious, assisting users in proceeding through initiating an activity; defining the parameters for the activity; ensuring the accuracy of the activity; and executing the activity.

Everything starts with the Paperwork Queue

Archer’s Paperwork Queue is unique to the industry. Fully customizable to meet a firm’s workflow process, it is a complete repository for any request or document such as client requests, legal agreements, and composite membership exceptions.

By assigning statuses to various queue items, users create ‘reminder’ workflows for operations and trade implementation teams. Here are some examples:

  • Open: A new item in the Paperwork Queue, or an item awaiting an action, such as a manager’s approval or information from the client.
  • Pending Review: An item for which some work has been done, but a quality assurance review of the item and/or the work completed is required.
  • Ready to Trade: Indicates that an account has passed all compliance hurdles and is reconciled, active, and ready for the investment manager’s attention.
  • Closed: The item is complete. All approvals and reviews have taken place. The record of the item will remain in the account history, as will any actual paperwork appended to the item.

The Archer Platform