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Recent M&A activity among Wealth Managers was highlighted in a FamilyWealthReport guest article (“Don't Make These Mistakes When Acquiring A Wealth Management Firm,” James Poer, November 11, 2016). In it, the benefits of gaining scale, along with product expansion, are mentioned. It is noted that scale allows managers, "to make investments in technology and to realize reduced compliance and operational management costs."

The opposite can also be true in that outsourcing to the right operations solution can enable growth through acquisition. Solutions such as Archer, can provide a single solution that integrates new business with streamlined operations while enabling new products to be implemented across the combined firm. Outsourcing can accomplish this with predictable, scalable costs regardless of firm size.

Further, with cloud-optimized technology, this can be done regardless of geography, and allows for integration with existing tools and systems already in use, such as OMS and EMS. In short, in addition to seeking the right partners for financing acquisitions, wealth managers can also set themselves on a successful path of growth with the right operations solution.

Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson
SVP, Marketing and Solutions

Jon Anderson, Marketing and Solutions, joined the company in 2007. As an experienced executive with 25+ years in the financial services and managed accounts industry, Jon works with the Technology, and Client Experience teams to help identify and deploy new features on Archer’s fully integrated platform.

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