Snowden Lane Partners Converts Institutional SMA to Archer

Berwyn, PA (June 28, 2018) – Independent wealth advisers, Snowden Lane Partners have successfully converted their multi-manager sub-advised separately managed accounts to Archer©, who will be providing a model delivery portal, rebalancing tool, trading and reconciliation services. Archer’s single platform solution including technology and services provides the scalability for Snowden Lane to easily grow their sub-advised business.

Archer’s Model Workstation, and robust ecosystem were all critical to providing a path for Snowden Lane to provide optimal service to their institutional clients. Snowden Lane is now leveraging Archer’s single solution IBOR, model management and trading platform to seamlessly manage and scale their business.

“Archer was able to provide the right technology and services we needed, as well as the expertise required to ensure a quick and smooth platform transition,” said Joe Raieta, CFA, Managing Director Investment Solutions at Snowden Lane. “As independent wealth advisors, we especially like the flexibility that Archer’s solution offers for future growth.”

“The word, ‘solution’ is often used today, but Archer’s ability to meet Snowden Lane’s immediate need while enabling future growth is a true example how we provide solutions to investment managers,” said Matt Caulfield, Executive Vice President at Archer. “Snowden Lane provides a unique service to investors and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

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