Account Review Center Debuts in Latest Archer® Technology Release

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Berwyn, PA (September 25, 2018) – Archer®, a technology and services innovator for the investment management industry, has introduced an Account Review Center in its latest technology release. The Account Review Center draws from Archer’s fully integrated platform to provide a single-source view of investors’ asset allocation, holdings, performance and transactions. Featuring data visualization and onscreen filtering and sorting of information, the Account Review Center displays views of clients’ asset allocation over time, calculations of ex-post risk measures, presentation-friendly PDF reports and analysis-enabling spreadsheets.

With the Account Review Center, information drawn from all segments of the investment process are brought together to tell a story, helping managers see a complete picture of their accounts and communicate with their clients. The transparency afforded by the Account Review Center, along with Archer’s business intelligence dashboards, give investment firms ready access to their data. This is another example of how Archer’s innovation helps managers support business growth initiatives, enhance their communications with clients, and facilitate oversight of all aspects of their operation.

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The product release includes additional enhancements to the Archer multi-channel platform, including customized report settings which may be shared across individual firms for operational consistency, the ability to generate ad-hoc custom-period performance segment reports, and enhanced flexibility in fixed income securities trading. Archer’s technology releases are deployed across the platform simultaneously for all users, ensuring that the latest enhancements and additions are immediately accessible to all Archer clients.


Account Review Center Debuts in Latest Archer® Technology Release

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