Archer Offers Data Mart Accessibility to Asset Managers

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Berwyn, PA (October 4, 2018) – Archer®, one of the investment management industry’s leading technology and operations providers, today announced that it has launched the Archer Data Mart, a secure access point for asset managers to use data on their own terms.

Access to data is critical in today’s business environment. Asset managers seeking greater insight from their data must often rely upon maintaining a complex data warehouse to collect, store, and normalize information from multiple sources. With Archer’s investment solution deployed through a secure private-cloud environment, managers are able to see their entire book of business on a single platform. Combining the platform with Archer’s available Data Mart, managers can now integrate their data with API-ready applications, such as CRM and reporting tools, or access it whenever needed through direct queries.

“The effective management and utilization of portfolio and investment data has become imperative for asset managers in today’s increasingly data-driven world,” said Bryan Dori, CEO of Archer. “This Data Mart offers on-demand, flexible access to information that helps asset managers make the best business decisions possible while reducing the need for onsite technology support.”

Data Mart is the latest in Archer’s ongoing innovations for asset managers. Through its technology platform and available outsourcing services, Archer provides solutions for the middle and back office supporting domestic and international wealth management products for institutional, high-net worth, and sponsored separately managed accounts.

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