Trade Order Management Enhanced in Archer® Technology Release

Berwyn, PA (February 1, 2019) – Archer today announced that it has enhanced its trade order management technology and created single-point access to reporting menus across the platform in its newest release. The release reflects Archer’s continued investment in its technology platform and its efforts to provide investment managers with the most up-to-date tools supporting middle and back office operations.

Archer’s order management options have been refined and expanded, including the platform’s streamlined tax-harvesting order management capabilities now more intuitively allowing gain or loss harvesting based directly on custodian-provided tax lots. Archer has expanded its compare-to-account feature, providing trading teams with another option to quickly target drift in specific securities following updated investment recommendations. Archer’s multi-security order management scenario now permits a group of accounts to be compared to another account in addition to model portfolios, ensuring consistent holdings and weights across the group. Additionally, managers seeking to ensure a specific security is held may now target single-security purchases exclusively to non-holders with a feature enabled in this release.

Focusing on user experience, Archer also consolidated and simplified its reporting menus. Archer’s consolidated reporting menu promotes single-click navigation to reports across workstations for investment management executives, model management teams, and operations teams. The enhancement increases accessibility to the data needed for investment and business decision making.

Archer, also recently announced staff additions to meet growing demand and distribute its proprietary ESG Model Marketplace technology. Archer’s ESG technology provides an efficient method for investment product manufacturers and distributors to efficiently apply environment, social, and governance factors to model portfolios and individual accounts at scale.


Archer provides a fully integrated, secure cloud based platform that simplifies the investment management process across channels and enables investment management firms to scale rapidly. Archer’s technology releases are deployed across the platform simultaneously for all users, ensuring that investment managers are able to access the latest tools while focusing on client service and business growth.


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