Consultiva Internacional Inc. and Palladiem LLC Achieve Portfolio Optimization via the Archer® Solution

Berwyn, PA (March 5, 2019) – Archer today announced that select clients of Puerto Rico based Consultiva Internacional Inc. now may take advantage of portfolio optimization strategies designed by registered investment advisor Palladiem LLC and executed using the Archer solution.

The operating model for delivering optimized portfolios leverages the Archer Model Workstation to gather participating investment managers’ input, and to systematically ingest model changes and apply continuous model updates. Palladiem custom optimizations are included in the process. Integrated order management technology allows model updates, overlays and rebalances to be executed in client accounts and en-suite performance measurement, billing, and reporting services enable the remaining investment management middle office operations. Archer’s operations team partners with Palladiem and Consultiva to trade, maintain, and reconcile the models and accounts.

Don Robinson, Palladiem CEO and Co-CIO developed proprietary optimization algorithms for the Consultiva clients, leveraging Palladiem’s RisktelligenceTM investment process. “Cost-conscious investors, and particularly institutions, need liquidity, transparency maximized risk-adjusted returns. We’re thrilled to be able to partner with Consultiva Management and their investment strategists to deliver these benefits to select Consultiva clients.”

Consultiva, a $1.5B (as of 6-30-2018) investment advisor whose clients include major Hispanic and Puerto Rico-based foundations, delivers tailored liability-based investment strategies to its clients. “This expansion of portfolio services is key to our growth and an important service for our clients,” said Myrna Rivera, Consultiva founder, CEO and lead investment advisor. “We are pleased to partner with Palladiem to deliver this enhanced customization innovation to our investors.”

Archer CEO Bryan Dori said, “This exciting new application of our technology and services affirms the flexibility of our platform and the expertise of our service team. Demand for customized investment experiences is exploding, and our investment manager clients’ ability to deliver those experiences efficiently and cost-effectively is helping them to profitably expand their businesses.”


Archer is a technology-enabled services innovator for the investment management industry, providing an innovative technology platform and right-sourced operations services. Archer’s secure cloud-based platform simplifies the investment management process across channels, enabling operations efficiency and new product speed-to-market. Selective operations outsourcing from Archer provides investment managers the ability to control costs and manage risk while scaling for growth.
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Consultiva Internacional Inc. is a Puerto Rico based investment advisory firm specialized in designing investment strategies, blueprints and portfolios tailored to the specific goals and needs of institutions, state government, families and individuals. The firm works with public and private institutions, including those with endowment funds like nonprofits and foundations; faith-based organizations; and universities with a large Hispanic and Latino student body and faculty. They recently announced their expansion into the US Market.
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Palladiem LLC is an independent, employee-owned registered investment advisor that manages global, multi-asset class investment strategies, with an emphasis on alternative investments and active risk management. Known for its RisktelligenceTM approach, Palladiem deploys a multi-factor risk model to help investment advisors preserve and grow their clients’ wealth. Control, transparency, consistency, flexibility and scalability are delivered across nine investment strategies designed to provide income, exposure to alternative investments, or serve as an investor’s core portfolio.
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