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Berwyn, PA (March 26, 2019) – Archer®, a leading provider of technology-enabled services for the global investment management industry, today announced the introduction of its ESG Model Marketplace. Leveraging Archer technology, the ESG Model Marketplace brings together investment product manufacturers, distributors, and leading research to enable custom ESG-focused portfolios that scale to support demand from separately managed accounts.

At the core of the ESG Model Marketplace is technology that allows select environmental, social, and governance themes to be applied to manager-provided model portfolios to suit specific sponsor needs for new products or to support individual investor demand. By integrating external research, ESG profiles can be built to emphasize positions that are highly rated in specific themes, reduce exposure to poorly rated holdings, or eliminate exposure to specific industries altogether. The process is fully automated so that as managers update their model portfolios, the ESG profiles are applied and the end product is dynamically adjusted and ready to implement across all assigned accounts.

The ESG Model Marketplace is integrated into Archer’s Model Workstation. Initially established in 2011, the workstation allows for the maintenance, trading, and delivery of investment managers’ strategies. This provides a secure portal for investment managers to deliver portfolio models that may then be used by sponsors to overlay their ESG requirements to build new products for their separate-account investors. This combination allows managers to expand their distribution and sponsors to increase their product base to meet the growing demand for ESG focused portfolios.

“I am thrilled to have Archer launch the ESG Model Marketplace into the separate account industry,” said Bryan Dori, Archer CEO. “Combining our services with expert data, Archer provides a simple solution to overcoming the operational challenges of scaling ESG customizations across thousands of accounts.”


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