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Reflecting on how suddenly different the workday has become, I’m becoming convinced that aspects of this perspective shift are here to stay.

The grace with which I see our industry responding to the crisis, despite how exhausted many of us are from addressing market volatility, despite kids at home, despite pets clamoring for attention during virtual meetings, everyone has pulled together in community mindedness and mutual support.

To do this, we’ve pared our to-do lists to accommodate volume, and focused our full attention on the critical-path items that most profoundly influence outcomes.

So what are the things we’re not doing? I have to think a few moments to identify them. Perhaps you do, too. Which makes me wonder, how important can they be?

When things return to normal, I’m hoping we all welcome a new normal, one that remains focused on relationships and critical-path tasks, letting the rest fall by the wayside.

Stay strong, everyone.

Christina Benoit
Christina Benoit
Vice President, Business Development

Christina Benoit, an experienced investment middle office effectiveness consultant, joined Archer from Accenture to work with investment managers seeking effective business growth. Benoit leverages Archer's comprehensive offering to help firms meet front and middle office challenges. Benoit’s prior experience partnering with investment firms to devise solutions spans nearly thirty years, and her rich perspective is leveraged in support of Archer’s current and potential investment manager clients.

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