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Get complete support for GIPS standards with Archer’s powerful performance measurement and reporting tools. Our platform integrates position, pricing, and transaction data with performance calculations, ensuring your visually rich reports are accurate and actionable for analyzing, sharing, and presenting. And by putting daily valuations for up-to-date performance at your fingertips, Archer provides the full detail you need to support all your clients’ needs.

Our technology was designed by a credentialed team of CFAs, CIPMs, and published mathematicians seeking a more flexible solution for spotting trends and generating reports. The result is our multilevel, certified performance reporting platform. At a moment’s notice, your team can generate custom branded reports and investor-ready presentations powered by up-to-the-minute investment transaction data, pricing information, account group memberships, and other essential datasets.

Archer goes beyond measuring the basics with performance risk measures and fixed income statistics, plus available data detailing performance attribution and contribution to return. Our technology also includes support from the experts behind it. The Archer team continuously maintains data integrity and researches performance anomalies – and works directly with your team supplying answers to client questions.

Support Institutional Investors

Access tailored support for your complex investment vehicles.

Streamline Operations

Consolidate support for all your portfolios onto one integrated platform.

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