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Today’s investors demand investments that align with their values. And increasingly, the success of investment management products depends on your team’s ability to incorporate ESG models customized to suit investor preferences.

Archer’s ESG Model Marketplace provides a new way to combine model delivery with expert ESG data to deliver scalable custom products. The process is simple: Managers provide models to a central hub where sponsor-directed environmental, social, and governance factors are dynamically applied, creating custom products.

Our platform’s intuitive interface makes it easy to define multiple ESG products. And investment manager updates are automatically implemented as model updates at the individual account level, helping to keep your team on top of new opportunities and investor demand.

Archer’s Distribution Expansion for Investment Managers

Our ESG Model Marketplace provides a powerful opportunity for managers to leverage model delivery for expanded distribution.

With Archer, your team simply publishes models into the ESG Model Marketplace for sponsor firms to use as the basis for ESG-focused portfolios. Our platform then captures changes made to base models – and automatically updates all related ESG products.

Meet Sponsor Demand with Scalable ESG-Focused Products

We built Archer’s menu of models to be highly customizable to match sponsor’s ESG specifications. Your team can build ESG profiles to emphasize positions highly rated in specific themes, reduce exposure to poorly rated holdings, or eliminate exposure to specific industries altogether.

Discover the Archer ESG Model Marketplace
  • Customizable: choose the ESG characteristics most important to your investors
  • Robust: with ESG data input from external providers, new products are ready for distribution partners and model delivery
  • Scalable: ESG versions of models are automatically updated when base models change

The Proven Solution for Delivering Customized ESG Portfolios

The Challenge

Separate account sponsor programs and investment product manufacturers have seen increasing demand for portfolios customized with individual ESG preferences. Beyond traditional restrictions from holding classifications of securities, investors want to see their investments weighted towards companies deemed “good actors” in areas they care about. In order to meet these demands from new investors, distributors need to find a way to easily and consistently overlay ESG research to manufacturer’s products, and asset managers need to find a way to personalize investments at scale.

Archer's Solution

The Solution

To meet the demand for increasingly personalized investments, Archer brings together investment product manufacturers, distributors, and leading research to enable custom ESG-focused portfolios that scale to support demand from separately managed accounts. By integrating external research, ESG profiles can be built to emphasize positions that are highly rated in specific themes, reduce exposure to poorly rated holdings, or eliminate exposure to specific industries altogether. The process is fully automated so that as model portfolios are updated, the ESG profiles are applied and the end product is dynamically adjusted and ready to implement across all assigned accounts, thus scaling to thousands of accounts automatically.

The Challenge

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