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Demand for direct indexing is growing — but the required management and trading across portfolios can be overwhelming. That’s why Archer offers investment managers the ability to deliver direct indexing solutions across a large volume of accounts, giving investors more control and personalization.

Our technology enables customization at the account and product level, as well as side-by-side comparisons of benchmark portfolios to customized versions.

Explore a wide range of tailored features:

  • Fractional share ready
  • Portfolio trading, rebalancing, model maintenance, drift analysis, order routing
  • Account setup and maintenance
  • Account data aggregation and custodial reconciliation
  • Performance measurement
  • GIPS® composite maintenance and reporting
  • Customized client reporting

Answer the Market’s Call for Direct Indexing Solutions

Archer simplifies managing accounts — and even taxes — based on investors’ preferences.


Customize accounts that follow a base index. Our technology makes it easy to view and manage account, firm, and sponsor level restrictions to achieve complete personalization.


Optimize after-tax returns within direct indexing accounts through a proprietary or third-party optimizer using a broad range of constraints. Multi-period and multi-account optimization supports active and passive portfolios, multiple currencies, and more.


Meet investor preferences using expert data for multiple factors to screen, tilt, or restrict portfolio holdings and weights.


Build orders across thousands of accounts in seconds with Archer’s integrated order management and rebalancing capabilities. Our platform is connected across all distribution channels for complete integration with third parties — custodians, administrators, brokers, and sponsor platforms — as they offer direct indexing.



Ready to Deliver Personalized Direct Indexing at Scale?

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