Trade Order Management

Goal-Driven Trading

Customized and streamlined to save time

Archer’s order management function was designed by CFAs who understand that Investment Managers need the ability to create highly customizable orders, and then apply them to specific accounts or groups of accounts, with tremendous efficiency and pinpoint accuracy.

Archer streamlines the process of order management with intuitive interfaces and workflows which are fully integrated into the investment management IBOR, performance measurement, and account maintenance functionality.

With its order management scenarios, Archer relies on your pre-set rules to establish the downstream workflow of orders, including which accounts are impacted, in what quantities, and with which counter parties. With clearly established pre and post-trade rulesets, Archer steps users through a series of screens with increasing specificity, creating an efficient, effective and exacting methodology for building and allocating trade orders. Archer allows Investment Managers to create securities orders, manage cash, and liquidate or balance portfolios, and harvest gains or losses for an account.

Intent-driven scenarios

Pre-set your default preferences and speed the process of implementing your next great investment decision. When building order scenarios, Archer poses the following questions:

  • Why is the order being created?
    (a portfolio model change, a new investment idea, or a client request)
  • Which function is best suited for the order?
    (trade a single security across multiple accounts, trade in a single account, trade multiple securities across multiple accounts)
  • How should the order be structured?
    (minimum size of the order in each account if the order impacts a number of accounts, or how to apply mathematical rounding to the number of shares being purchased in a single account)
  • Who should – or should not – participate in this order?
    (consider pre-existing trades, client restrictions and trade preferences, and current holdings)
  • Are you certain?
    (the results of the order input are viewed, but until the order status is changed to ‘Approved’, the results simply reflect a what if scenario. No cash is encumbered and no trade is allocated or sent for execution.)

The Archer Platform