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Investment managers know that when it comes to large portfolios with complex investments, speed and accuracy are key. However, providing high-quality, customized support can be a time-consuming affair that distracts teams from managing investments and meeting client goals.

Archer adapts to your unique needs, providing customized, consultative support and fully scalable cloud-based technology to keep you focused on investments ­– and your clients’ requests. Our complete solution integrates with clients’ custodians, administrators, and brokers for efficient trade flows, automated multi-currency reports, and exacting reconciliation, all within one platform.

Archer’s robust platform delivers support for customized reporting, variation margin, and aggregate performance data for investor presentations. From processing corporate actions to ensuring compliance with investment policies, our technology streamlines every aspect of portfolio management. And with a comprehensive toolkit of capabilities providing easy access to model delivery and sponsored platform participation, Archer fuels your team’s growth into new channels.

The Proven Solution for Institutional Portfolios

The Challenge

An institutional asset manager was growing through acquisition, with newly integrated teams using multiple, disparate systems to support their accounts, each with their own unique operational processes. Multiple team locations, sophisticated investments, and differing customized reporting added to growing operational complexity, reducing the ROI on new acquisitions.

Archer's Solution

The Solution

Working with the asset manager, Archer developed processes that integrated preferred OMS/EMS vendors with a single investment book of records to greatly simplify operations without sacrificing flexibility. With one system supporting all assets and locations, portfolio accounting, performance measurement, billing, and reporting were greatly streamlined. Operational support was also customized and centralized to provide a strong foundation for growing the business. As a result, new acquisitions were able to be added more quickly, improving the ROI. Consistent support and firm-wide views across mutual funds, ETF holdings, and separate accounts improved compliance and firm-level reporting.

The Challenge



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